Investing in the Cloud

We are a dedicated venture fund focused on the broad information technology wave of enterprise cloud computing.

Cloud Capital is uniquely positioned to aid entrepreneurs and their team to capitalize on the “Cloud” revolution through its network of industry leading relationships including F500 CIOs, dedicated system integrators and cloud focused strategics.

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Enables enterprises to understand “who knows what” in their organization and provide methods to help them address the “knowledge gap”.





Delivering on-demand cloud brokering, sourcing, cost control and management applications.
Mohammed Farooq, CEO, Austin TX




Competitive Intelligence
for Digital Marketers
Allen Gannett, Washington, DC




Startup Compass

Big Data benchmarks and norms to make your business more successful
Bjoern Herrmann, Founder & CEO, Palo Alto  CA



Space Curve
Fundamentally new kind of massively parallel analytical database technology -- store & analyze very large spatial & graph datasets.
John Sllitz, CEO, Seattle, WA



Enables companies to extend their enterprise onto any employee owned device.                          

Amitabh Sinha CEO, San Francisco CA





Insights and actions for enterprise marketers from Big Data.

Doug Levin, CEO and Co-Founder, Cambridge




Design without boundaries.  Cloud based 3D Content Sharing & Collaboration.

Nltin Rao, CEO, San Francisco


Cloudscaling helps the world's largest telecoms, governments and enterprises build ruthlessly efficient and easily scaled IaaS clouds.

Michael Grant, CEO, San Francisco, CA


PowerInbox is an open app platform for email enabling users to run apps from inside their email messages.
Matt Thazhmon, CEO, Boston, MA


Koding is a browser-based IDE and cloud computing platform.

Devrim Yasir, CEO, San Francisco, CA
Cloud enabled worker job and messagequeue management.
Chad Arimura, CEO, San Francisco, CA


A suite of online internet remarketing tools to increase website conversion rate optimization.

Scott Silk, CEO, Boston MA


Krush, Inc
Crowdsource products for teens via the Cloud.
Gina Ashe, CEO, Boston, MA


Customer intelligence software mining the social web.

Neil Kataria, CEO, Washington, DC


Flow Stream Solutions
Pervasive cloud based data sharing.

Eric Alterman, CEO, New York, NY


Cloud Technology Partners
Assess, plan and implement cloud computing solutions for business advantage.
Chris Greendale, CEO, Boston, MA